PSP ObsCure definitely lives up to its name

Do you keep up with ObsCure? It’s a co-op survival horror series that has pretty much been ignored for various reasons, most of them relating to the fact that the game is only partly interesting. The entire concept behind co-op survival horror is a bit suspect as is. Isn’t the point to be alone in your suspense (no one bring up RE5 or we’re all sitting down for a nice long lecture on what survival horror is)? Still, the concept could also work really well, as you and another player share your fear, and so ObsCure: The Aftermath returns for another try.

Having originally landed on the Wii, PS2 and PC ObsCure: The Aftermath is now being ported over to the PSP, and you can watch the trailer for it above. You can tell the game is on the PSP because all the gameplay is shown on a PSP screen. Nothing like some piss poor trailer making for your weekend, huh? The game will still be co-op and claims to have maintained its graphical prowess, which is clearly not true from the trailer above, but whatever. If you’re in the mood to try something a bit different, this could be a decent enough ticket.

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