PSP Minis might find their way to UMDs

Sony is considering compiling PSP Minis onto a UMD to get its bite-sized downloadable titles into the hands of those who prefer physical media. It’s also possible that the App Store-esque service may provide games for other platforms, specifically the PS3.

“I think that a package of multiple Minis games on a single UMD is a real possibility at a later stage, where even a studio or publisher will put a collection of their own games on a single disc. We’d be open to that,” explains Zeno Colaco. “… These games won’t need to necessarily be built for the home console, and I think these games will find their true life and identity in those micro-bursts of play. But I do think there’s a possibility that Minis could find themselves on other consoles down the line”

It’s clear that Sony is looking at Apple and the iPhone as a potential competitor, even though the publisher won’t admit it, and pushing PSP Minis as a huge platform will be essential in going head to head with the handheld rival. It’s certainly something I’m very excited to see, and I really hope that the Minis program lives up to its potential and Sony gives it the required support.

Jim Sterling