PSP marketing survey is a crystal ball, gypsy witch not included

Changes are a-coming to the PlayStation Portable. Or at least, they could be if Sony intends to listen to the response from a recent survey that PSP Fanboy unearthed.

The survey isn’t as cool (or as wild) as the Intellisponse survey that birthed Avatars on Xbox Live, but it does have some whacky questions. My favorites include adding touch screen support, shrinking the casing — without sacrificing screen size somehow — and adding an internal hard drive.

The reasonable stuff in the survey is not as spectacular, but should make the PSP more useful. Desire for better battery life, easier file transfers, better Internet browser, Home support, and want of a GPS device compose the majority of the good questions. The wild card is an “e-comic/book download service” that subscribers could access through PSN. Sign me up for that any day of the week.

I’m not big on surveys  — they get me all excited, then I get disappointed — but I like some of the stuff here. Is anything from the survey clicking with you guys? Is there something not on here that you would like to include?

Brad BradNicholson