PSP game Hot Shots Shorties rated by the ESRB

The ESRB has finally rated a title that Sony trademarked awhile back. Hot Shots Shorties is their name for a port of minigame collection Minna no Sukkiri (Everyone’s Refresh), which came out in Japan last year for the PSP. This title was made by Clap Hanz, the folks behind one of my favorite games ever, Hot Shots Golf. Here’s some fun trivia: Parts of the title stars hosts from Japanese television morning show Sukkiri, which I’m sure almost no one here will recognize. The minigames should still be fun, though.

The ESRB writeup says you’ll control a sword-wielding salt shaker and go up against “rogue vegetables.” That sounds fantastic! That also sounds very Everyone 10+.

Guess what? You’re getting another minigame collection! For now, there’s no release date or price. Stay tuned.

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