PSP Firmware v6.10 rolling out with Bluetooth shenanigans

Sony loves Firmware so much that it’s rolling out a brand new update just in time for the launch of the PSPgo. Never mind the fact that v6.00 was released only a couple of weeks ago, here comes v6.10! I think I’ve updated the Firmware more than I’ve actually played videogames on the system, but there you go.

In fairness, the new update actually does something, unlike the last one. In preparation for the PSPgo’s new abilities, Bluetooth tethering will be the centerpiece of this Firmware. Media Go will also be getting updated with a fresh look and it’ll be joined by SensMe, a program that “uses Sony’s proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate music tracks that have been imported from Media Go application on your PC to your PSP.”

So, lots of PSP stuff happening tomorrow. This all begs the question: Who among you will actually be buying a PSPgo on October 1?

Jim Sterling