PSP firmware v5.51 is on the way … for God’s sake

It’s time for Sony’s billionth PSP firmware update! If there’s one thing that pisses me off about the PSP, above all else, it’s that in between every game for the system that’s actually worth buying, a new update appears. This means that not only do I barely switch my PSP on, but when I do, I have to sit through yet another update screen. This has happened with the last three or four games I’ve played, and it’s getting quite beyond a joke.

This update provides no features, with Sony’s Eric Lempel feeding us the usual “software stability” line. This means it’s another one of the PSP’s quite unnecessary updates that exists solely as a futile attempt to curb piracy and irritate anybody who legally buys games and wants to just play them. It’s not like the PSP has much battery life anyway, we don’t want to waste precious time with updates when we’re on a plane and want to get to the frigging game we foolishly decided to buy instead of torrent.

Sorry, but Sony’s obsession with firmware updates really gets on my nerves.

Jim Sterling