PSP firmware updated, 20 new Internet radio players added

Turn on your PlayStation Portable’s folks, a new firmware has arrived. Version 3.93 should be available now, and according to Sony’s John Koller it “expands support for PLAYSTATION Network titles.” I haven’t had a chance to update and mess around with it; does anyone know what Koller specifically means?

Additionally, the PSP Internet Radio feature has been updated with 20 new Internet radio players. The players are now organized by musical genres, so it should be easier to navigate. I haven’t had much luck with the PSP’s Internet radio feature — it always seems to lock up or slow down my entire system. Personally, I haven’t found much use for the PSP as a music (or movie) player, seeing as I already have a number of devices that serve the same types of functions.

Is there anyone out there who has been using the PSP Internet Radio features on the regular, and are you excited about this update?

Nick Chester