PSP firmware gets updated, fixes UMD drive issues

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You know what’s awesome? When stuff works. So thank God for firmware updates!

Sony has let us know that the latest firmware update for the PlayStation Portable is now available. Version 3.73 doesn’t offer any fancy new features … except the feature that keeps UMD’s from working, of course. From Sony:

With this update, operation of the UMD drive has been improved to address cases in which the UMD drive occasionally suspends and fails to load data. Updating the system software to version 3.73 will resolve this issue.

Magnificent! While this hasn’t been an issue around camp Destructoid (our UMD of Are We There Yet? has been playing just fine), this is good news for PSP owners afflicted with the “my crap isn’t working” problem. As usual, the firmware can be updated via the PSPs Wi-Fi connection; downloaded to a PC and transferred to a PSP through a USB cable; or you could wait around for it to be included in upcoming retail UMDs.

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