PSP fire may have been caused by third party charger (not the fires of puberty)

You may recollect a news report we brought you in early February about a middle school student whose PSP caught fire in his pants, causing second degree burns and likely making the poor kid the butt of jokes for weeks afterward. It seems recent research is pointing in the direction of the after-market charger used with the system rather than the PSP itself. Pelican Accessories haven’t made a public statement regarding this possibility as of yet.

Sheilah Clay, the boy’s mother, commented that he is back in school but still suffers a lot of pain when the burns on his leg are cleaned. I’m glad he is okay, and equally glad things are pointing away from Sony when it comes to this incident. It seemed like just another reason for anti-game enthusiasts to preach the evils of video games. I hear they read Destructoid these days.

[Via Freep — thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett