PSP Comics detailed and dated … for Japan

At least three PSP fans have been impatiently tapping their feet, waiting for news on the PSP Comics service that Sony boasted about ten thousand years ago. Today, we’re one step closer to the service becoming real, with word of a Japanese release date.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new service without the system’s billionth Firmware update, so Japanese PSP users can look forward to that on November 19, in preparation for a December 12 launch. Once the storefront appears, individual comic issues shall cost ¥50-150 (USD$0.55-$1.70), while full collections will run for ¥420 (USD$4.70).

No word on a release date for us roundeyes, but don’t worry! We’ll get to download Firmware 6.20 on the 19th, too! Sony wouldn’t want to deprive us of the PSP’s fun Firmware game, now would they?

James Stephanie Sterling