PSP Chotto Shot could kill you

Don’t you just hate it when you go to buy PlayStation Portable peripherals and the retailer tells you that the device could scorch your house, children, or hands? Apparently this is the case for anyone who bought a Chotto Shot Camera after July 1st, 2008. A reader of PSPFanboy recently sent in a warning he received at a store after purchasing the add-on device:

Due to a safety issue and high defect rate, we are issuing a product recall to anyone who has purchased a PSP Chotto Shot Camera after July 1st, 2008. Even though these units have been tested, we have been getting reports that some of these units have been running extremely hot, and have emitted a burning smell from the unit. An already dangerous and unfortunate situation, this could lead to the even more serious event of a fire starting from the unit.

And I always thought that the warning on antibiotics was serious. Thankfully, no one that we know of has yet to be maimed by the device, but apparently someone hit the panic button at Sony. The good news is that if you live in the US, you won’t have to worry about your neighbor burning down your apartment because he left his camera plugged in next door. The Chotto Shot will not be made available in the US because of its low MegaPixels and propensity to transform into a rocket aimed directly at a nuclear reactor.

Brad BradNicholson