PSP battery discontinuation indicates owners are pleased with battery life?

Not too long ago Sony announced that they were discontinuing their extended batteries for the PSP. Yesterday, GamePro reported that the reason the discontinuation occurred was perhaps the result of customer satisfaction with the battery included with the device. The battery life has always been a contentious subject with those who actively use their PSP, so why the spin?

I personally hate how little I can get out of my PSP. I typically use the portable device while I am plodding along on the elliptical machine between episodes of one of our three podcasts. Very rarely am I able to get three days of use out of it before having to stick it back into the charger. In a sense, I am very displeased. The problem is, when I walk into Best Buy and see a battery that costs $40 I am instantly turned off. Who in their right mind is going to dish out that much money when they can get a cheaper battery that can often times last longer than Sony’s official product?

I realize that Sony is bumping the price out of this great disillusionment of quality, but cost seems to be the real culprit with the discontinuation. Are any of you perfectly happy with your PSP battery life? If you aren’t pleased and have passed up the product, why?

Brad BradNicholson