PSOne games up for download in PlayStation Store

Almost as if in response to Nintendo’s new Virtual Console releases earlier today, Sony now has five PSOne games available for download in their online PlayStation Store.  Here are the games and their respective sizes and prices:

Cool Boarders – 283MB – $5.99
Crash Bandicoot – 469MB – $5.99
Hot Shots Golf 2 – 157MB – $5.99
Syphon Filter
– 385MB – $5.99
Tekken 2 – 535MB – $5.99

Tekken 2 and Syphon Filter will, no doubt, be the centers of attraction on that list. $5.99 for each of those isn’t bad at all. Crash Bandicoot is awesome, too, though I don’t know if anyone really cares about the other two titles. Get ’em while they’re hot!