Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis just got the Braver class

Braver Class

The Braver class is a free update, here’s how to play it

While Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is struggling in some ways in terms of content, the Braver class is here to shake things up.

Here’s how to unlock it, and what it does.

Braver Class

The first step to snagging the Braver class is logging in! Seriously, it’s just innately part of every character now and you can swap to it at the job counter immediately. You’ll want to take this quest from Deirdre near the southwest end of the central hub though, as she’ll introduce you to the basics.

From there you can grab a basic level one katana and run out into the wilderness to take out a few enemies. And that’s pretty much all the hand-holding you’ll get: you’re on your own after that.

Like all low-level classes, one of the best ways to power-level is to go to a Level II ranked zone with your main (some of you are the max of 20 at this point) and put Braver as your off-class. That way any residual XP will go to it and you’ll level up extremely quickly. Just keep in mind that the subclass cap of 15 applies.

After that you can swap Braver to your main and go nuts grinding to level 20.

Braver Class

You also might want to go grab a bow from the player marketplace in town. The main gimmick of the Braver is the ability to utilize the katana and bow weapon types for close and ranged combat, while triggering the “Brave Combat” skill, which “reduces PP consumption for a set amount of time while active.” Bravers also can alter their combos by using photon arts (abilities) rapidly one after another, and excel at very fast close-range tactics.

While I’m not sure it’s going to be my new main (I’m still comfortable with Hunter), the Braver has been a source of fun so far since it launched this week. And lord knows that New Genesis could use an injection of something! We’ll have to wait a little longer on the more massive content patches.

Here’s a reminder of the roadmap!

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