PSN title Piyotama gets dressed up for Halloween

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Siliconera is reporting that Sony will be releasing a Halloween skin for their PlayStation Network title, Piyotama. Not yet confirmed or announced for North America, the skin changes the little chicken-like piyos into mummies, devils, and witches. No word on why zombies are absent, but I find it suspicious.

Piyotama is certainly one of those PSN games that is often overlooked, but deserve a bit of recognition. At only $3, it’s a cute and fun puzzle game, if not the deepest experience. The game essentially involves matching colored eggs, and then either waiting for them to hatch or shaking the crap out of the SIXAXIS to make them bounce around. Like I said, simple, but fun. 

As a Piyotama fan, I’m hoping this skin comes to North America, as it would really help me get into the spirit of the holiday. I’m so tired of digging up graves to celebrate. Also, I hope that it’s free, because that would surely be a nice little treat. And Sony — add some zombies.

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