PSN Spring Fever Sale: Gravity Crash and Everyday Shooter

Sony is doing another PlayStation Network Spring Fever Sale, which of course means cheap games. I only vaguely recall the company putting on this promotion before, but I’m not about to argue — slightly less expensive games, guys!

The weekly discounts are set to last from March 25 through June 1, if you can believe that. This week it’s two PSN titles: Gravity Crash (PlayStation 3) and Everyday Shooter (PS3 and PSP), both of which are down to $4.99 each. Half price? We can live with that, I think.

Also, anyone who takes part in the Spring Fever Sale will be rewarded with exclusive PlayStation Home costumes. Every purchase you make nets you a piece of the Spring Bumblebee and Spring Flower outfits. By buying either of the aforementioned games, you get the feet to those costumes.

I’m not making this up, I swear.

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