PSN getting the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo tomorrow

Good news for anyone who missed out on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta: you’re getting a multiplayer demo on February 4. That’s tomorrow! It’s the same thing as what’s currently up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace — the Port Valdez map, 12 vs. 12, Rush mode, and plenty of vehicles.

Bad Company 2 is a decidedly fun shooter, at least multiplayer-wise. The too-fast-for-their-own-good ATVs are always a blast to be in, as is the helicopter. Last time I got in one, I managed to effortlessly get way up in the sky, but immediately shot straight down into the mountainside below.

For once, this wasn’t due to my love of sabotaging my team’s vehicles; DICE is all about giving helicopters unorthodox controls. I was a young, inexperienced new recruit! Just another one of those great Battlefield moments.

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