PSM3 shows off their PS3 — lucky bastards

The more I see of the PlayStation 3, the more I desire its sleek, next-gen, cell-gutted beautiful self. It’s not just the games, but I’ve been overcome with a Sony glow I thought I could fight off, but alas, after seeing what the PS3 finally has to offer, I got little PS3 goosebumps everywhere. This latest development just adds to the tingling. The magazine PSM3 got their PS3 the other day and are just now letting us know their full impressions — complete with video! Check out what they think:• It’s quiet like a sleeping baby. A barely audible hum. With the TV on you simply can’t hear it at all.• It’s heavy like a planet. No, really. It’s impossible to pick up with one hand.• It’s shiny like a mirror. In fact, it’s impossible to take a photograph of it without the flash spanging every picture into a starburst mess. And therefore it’s massively prone to fingerprintage too, with the tiny amount of dust in the office magically attaching itself to its surface in seconds.• The PS3 joypad is very light and the tilt system is very responsive. We like.• The start up is amazingly fast. And game load times were faster than expected. In fact, PS3 does both at about the same speed of PSP. ie, Long load times due to the massive Blu-ray disc? Nope. Simply not an issue.• Andy’s fingers kept sliding off the shoulder buttons. But that’s because his fingers are slippery.The speed the machine sucks the disc in. Wow!• The PS3 start up sound — it’s like an orchestra tuning up. Cool.Now if only I had the cash to afford this bad boy. Maybe I can sell a lung or something. You only need one, right?

Robert Summa