PSA: You still might be able to snag a Meta Knight amiibo

But you have to hurry

[Update: As of right now, the button to purchase simply says “Coming soon.” That means you should definitely keep an eye out!]

The never-ending amiibo hunt rolls on. Right now, Meta Knight’s one of the hottest figures around, as it goes on sale at Best Buy on Friday, February 20.

The first wave of pre-orders has been long sold out, so Meta Knight figures to be a relatively sought-after amiibo, especially considering that it’s a Best Buy exclusive. Chris outlined a strategy to maybe snag one in stores come Friday morning. While that could work, there may be an easier solution.

Meta Knight’s been going in and out of stock on Best Buy’s website this afternoon. Keep refreshing the page, and there’s a good chance it might pop up again soon. It’s not the most fool-proof or reassuring of methods, but even a slim chance is worth gambling on for hard-pressed amiibo collectors.

Meta Knight [Best Buy]

Brett Makedonski
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