PSA: You can unlock a free Tetris 99 Game Boy theme this weekend

Just earn 100 points in Grand Prix 3

So the third major Tetris 99 event is underway this weekend, and it’s one worth participating in.

For starters if you rack up 100 points you’ll unlock a free theme: the original Game Boy color scheme. Breaking down the points system, winning a match will net you the 100 and automatically earn it, second will get you 50 points, third is 30, and fourth through tenth is 20. From there you go down to 10 (11-30), seven (31-50), four (51-90), and one point (91-99) increments. You can find the full official list here along with some other guidelines, so you’re not hopelessly grinding without context.

That’s a pretty rad must-have extra, and you have from until now through May 20, 3AM ET, to do it. As a reminder this is an online event, so you’ll need a Switch Online membership to partake in it. Recently, a 10 dollar “offline DLC” was added (Big Blocks) that sheds the requirement.

Chris Carter
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