PSA: You can grab a free epic Hearthstone card today

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If you login to Hearthstone today, you’ll receive a free epic “Fight Promoter” card for your deck. Why this card is being given away is anyone’s guess, but the gesture is appreciated. Hearthstone recently released the Journey to Un’Goro expansion and some fans have speculated that the cost of getting a “good” deck is too high, so maybe this is Blizzard trying to level the playing field a bit.

As for what the “Fight Promoter” does, the card will allow you to draw two cards if you have a minion on the playing field with six or more health. I guess that is a pretty specific circumstance (since six health cards are typically high value), but getting more cards in hand is always a plus.

If that sounds stupid to you, then you could just turn the card into Dust. Dust allows you to craft new cards after reaching a certain amount and Epic cards are typically worth 100 Dust. Something is better than nothing.

Get a free Hearthstone card when you log in on Saturday [PC Gamer]

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