PSA: Today is the last day to get Tsareena for free in Pokemon Unite

Tsareena for free

You have until December 31 at 3:59PM PT

If you want to grab Tsareena for free in Pokemon Unite, make sure you do it before the end of the day! The offer expires at 3:59PM PT, today, December 31, 2021. That’s basically reset time, for all the regular players.

As a refresher, Tsareena came onto the scene three weeks ago, right before Dragonite, as a new all-rounder. They made a splash not only because all-rounders were rare as post-launch characters, but they also had an impact on the game’s meta in some ranks: with some tier lists putting her near the top.

All of this is going on during the game’s Christmas celebration, so in addition to getting Tsareena for free, you can also partake in some free bonuses. Don’t forget that you can claim a bunch of Aeos Tickets for free until December 31. You just need to log in two separate days to grab two sets of 2,021 ticket bonuses. This is on top of all of the aforementioned “weekly” login bonus promos, and the Tsareena bonus itself.

I’ve said it before, but even if you don’t actively play Unite, you may as well log in and get your free character. You never know! Maybe they’ll update the game in a drastic way one day and you’ll end up playing it.

Chris Carter
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