PSA: The Pokken controller works with Space Dave on Mac/PC

Looks like Dave is blasting off again!

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It’s been a pretty wild month for Nintendo controllers. We not only discovered the rumored Nintendo NX contoller was a fake, but we also saw the release of Hori’s Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad — a comfortable, responsive controller that struggles to justify its own existence due to its extremely limited library of compatible Wii U titles.

It works with Pokkén Tournament, and that’s about it. No other Wii U fighting games, Virtual Console games, or Wii games through backwards compatibility will respond to the thing. 

Still, the pad may be a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a new analog stick-free controller for Mac/PC. The creator of the upcoming multi-platform action title Space Dave has confirmed with Destructoid that the Pokkén Pro Pad is 100 percent compatible with his next game. Knowing that, we can safely guess the controller works with most Mac/PC games that don’t require dual stick controls, such as Downwell and the upcoming meat-focused grilling action puzzle game Steven’s Sausage Roll

So if you’re looking for a new SNES-style gamepad for your computer, you could do a lot worse than Hori’s Pokkén controller, regardless if you own Pokkén or not. 

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