PSA: The Beatles: Rock Band is under $29 on Amazon today

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If you like Western pop music, chances are high that you enjoy at least a few songs by The Beatles. But if you haven’t yet picked up The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix’s love letter to the most beloved and influential rock group of all time — either because you thought $60 was too much to pay for 45 tracks that weren’t necessarily your favorites, or for some other reason — then you no longer have an excuse.

Assuming you already own a bunch of plastic instruments, you can buy the standalone Beatles: Rock Band game disc on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii for a mere $28.49. However, if you want to go the whole nine yards and get the “Limited Edition Premium Bundle” — which includes a Höfner bass guitar controller, Ludwig-branded Beatles logo drums, a microphone, and a microphone stand, and which originally retailed for $250 — you can pick it up on PS3 for $134.65, or on 360 for $124.75.

These deals will expire at midnight PDT tonight. Buy the game, or you and I won’t be friends anymore. Come on, folks — don’t let me down! Video Games Deal of the Day []

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