PSA: Some unpaid internships may be illegal

There are a ton of us who would like nothing more than to find a place within the games industry. Internships are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door, prove yourself and make connections. But, as pointed out at Gamasutra, some game companies may be illegally taking advantage of these workers.

With the increase in unemployment, many recent and upcoming college grads are taking unpaid internships expecting that it will get their career started down the road, when jobs are more available again. The big boys, like EA and Activision, seem to be playing by the rules but the smaller developers may not be. Basically, if a company is benefiting from the work an intern does, the intern needs to be paid for that work.

Be careful out there guys. Everybody, even you, needs to eat.

Watch Out for Illegal Internships [Gamasutra]

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