PSA: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a new mystery gift through April 30


In addition to semi-regular Tera Raid mix ups and 7-Star raid battles featuring out-of-game guest stars, Game Freak has been shuffling irregular mystery gifts into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The newest one involves two TMs (Thunder Wave and Taunt), and just requires a quick mystery gift code input.

Thanks to a new promo drop from Nintendo (credit to Profe Turo on Twitter for screenshotting the source), the code “ENJOYBATTLE” is now live for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The code will run through April 30, 2023 at 23:59 UTC, so there’s plenty of time to redeem it.

Here’s what’s on offer in this March Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift box:

  • TM082 – Thunder Wave
  • TM087 – Taunt

Oh hey, you might want to use taunt in a 7-star raid battle! Look, I know it’s not super exciting, but it’s something some of you may want to redeem. I’m doing my part!

We have a full breakdown on how to access the mystery gift system here. In short, it involves finishing up the tutorial (which requires you to get through the academy portion, after the bout with Arven) to fully unlock the required menu.

Other currently live Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mystery gift codes:

LETSTERA – TM171 – Tera Blast (March 31)

MORESPEED – 10 Carbos items (March 31)

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