PSA: Plain Sight is on Steam right now

Beatnik Games’ Plain Sight is a title I’ve been interested in for years. It’s been a long time since I first glimpsed the suicidal robot deathmatch title, but after such a lengthy wait, the game has finally released on Steam today for $9.99.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Plain Sight, it’s a game in which players lock onto their opponents and run them through with a katana. Players collect energy with each kill, and the energy multiplies for as long as the kill streak is active. Players can explode themselves at any time and cash in the points (as well as potentially take some enemies down in the process), so the objective is to kill as much as possible without being killed and losing all your points. It’s a pretty cool risk-and-reward type of title, and a unique spin on multiplayer combat. 

I’ve only just started playing it for review but so far it seems rather cool. Worth ten bucks? I’ll need more time with it to determine that.

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