PSA: Modern Warfare Remastered requires the disc/install for Infinite Warfare owners

I didn’t need an extra 80GB

Back in October of last year when Modern Warfare Remastered was originally revealed as a pre-order bonus for Infinite Warfare, there was a bit of text that read, “game disc must be inserted to play.” While it was understandable for when MWR was locked to a pre-order, you’d think the restriction would have been lifted when the game went standalone.

It turns out, Activision is just as greedy as we thought. If you nabbed MWR from the Legacy or Legacy Pro Edition of Infinite Warfare, then you’re going to be keeping that game if you want to experience the “Mile High Club.” This also goes for people who opted for the digital version; you’ll need to have Infinite Warfare installed to even boot the remaster.

I’m not sure why this stipulation is in place. Activision has nothing to gain by forcing people to retain their copies of Infinite Warfare, but the digital version is doubly puzzling. Your platform of choice should have DRM associated with your purchase, so insisting on an install of the newer game is just plain mean. Since both games take up something like 120GB, that is eating away roughly 1/5th of a 500GB hard drive.

My only guess is that this inconveniences enough people that they then pony up for the standalone release, effectively buying MWR twice. I’d be angrier if I had any intention of nabbing the remaster, but the inclusion of microtransactions basically killed my desire. I can happily play the original without bogus additions.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.