PSA: It’s the last day to export your Rock Band 3 songs

Pay $15 or forever hold your peace

Here’s some housekeeping that will probably fall on deaf ears. Any committed Rock Band player took care of it long ago. Anyone who hasn’t probably won’t care enough to rush this through in the coming hours.

Alas, here goes anyway: It’s the last day to export your Rock Band 3 songs into Rock Band 4/Rivals. The license expires on December 1, 2020.

For those who want make a last-second just-in-the-nick-of-time export, you’ll need a copy of Rock Band 3 and $15. Harmonix’s systems need to check that you’re a “verified purchaser” of Rock Band 3 and then the export costs $15. The process is outlined on this very old blog post

You had five years to push this through, but now you only have a few more hours. If this PSA helps anyone out, you’re a procrastinator to the max. Get it done now though. Without the export, the only way to play Rock Band 3 games will be inside actual Rock Band 3. Your library deserves better.

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