PSA: If you’re playing Apex Legends on Switch maybe turn off cross-play

It can be brutal out there

So Apex Legends is out on Switch. That’s good!

But it also has some performance issues. That’s bad!

But it has cross-play. That’s good!

But cross-play can cause you to get smoked by players with twice the framerate and better visuals. That’s bad!

So I think I adequately explained the situation with the above Simpsons skit, but just in case: Apex Legends is out now on Switch, and it has some compromises in terms of performance. The framerate (30 FPS) is a huge indicator, and when you’re playing on handheld mode, it is not particularly stable. Draw distance and blurry textures are also a concern, which can be a problem when you’re trying to pick off enemies from afar.

Because of this, if you aren’t acclimating and you’re finding yourself losing match after match, consider turning off cross-play and evening the battlefield. To do that, go to settings > game > cross-play toggle. Note that it is on by default.

Hopefully some of these issues will be smoothed over with future patches. But for now, the Switch port can get rough.

Chris Carter
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