PSA: If you mash the ZR and ZL buttons, your Switch battery percentage will pop up

Uh, nice

The Switch is a Godsend in terms of its portability option, as sometimes I just want to relax and play a lengthy JRPG in any position: and sometimes I want it on a big screen. Yes, I’m just reiterating the selling point of the Switch, I know.

But the portability aspect sometimes comes with a price: battery life. Those lengthy JRPGs? Yeah they can suck time and battery away like that. I pretty much never pay attention to it until it’s in the danger zone, constantly flashing that lost progress is absolutely imminent. But with this trick, I might be a little more aware.

Shared on Reddit by antglyforreal, this tip allows you to check the battery life of your Switch quickly and easily. The trick? Mash ZR and ZL on the home screen. That’s it! If you really want to see the percentage you can, via an option, but the idea is that instead of having it on at all times, you can bring it up at will. It’s a small tip, but a mighty one for folks who crave a sleeker more streamlined screen.

In fact, it’s a selling point of the Switch! While I don’t mind most console UIs for the most part, there’s a trend of them getting extremely bloated over time. While the Switch has the sin of recently adding the aesthetically clashing “Switch Online” bubble at the bottom, it’s not quite there yet.

TIL [Reddit]

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