PSA: Grab the yellow stuff in Daemon x Machina

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Not the purple stuff

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One common theme I’m seeing from Daemon X Machina players is that the game withholds a lot of information from them.

It happened in all of the demos, and it’s happening in the retail release. Just in case you didn’t read that manual (man, remember cracking open a case and reading a manual on the car ride home?), here’s one major tip I’d like to impart: grab the yellow stuff!

Although it does explain a fair bit tucked away in menus, one of the best things I picked up from my time with Daemon X Machina (beyond the fact that the UI is fully customizable if you dig into the pause menu, you’re welcome) is that “yellow means good.”

Whenever you’re looting a corpse or locating dropped guns out in the wild, the yellow text means you haven’t picked it up yet. For the most part once you do actually grab a yellow-labeled piece of gear, you get to keep it forever. In some cases, you can only choose one reward from a list, and nine times out of 10 you’ll want to pick the (new) yellow item.

It sounds simple, but it’s the best way to build your Arsenal (mech) up to take on some of the later, tougher challenges.

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