PSA: Free Xbox Live Gold this weekend

Are you a Xbox Live Silver Member and wish you could be playing some Halo: Reach with everyone else? Well, go ahead and do it then. Nothing is stopping you. As the Halo Waypoint Twitter shows it’s a free Gold weekend, meaning all Silver members can do things Gold members can do.

Quick! To your Xboxes! I suggest a bit of Halo: Reach and then some Netflix streaming. Actually, I just suggest the Netflix streaming. I’m not that big a Halo guy, and damn if I don’t watch a crap ton of movies on my 360 now.

Update: Here’s the official announcement over at, which says they’ll be unlocking all of the benefits of Gold for Silver subscribers. However, some people don’t seem to be able to get the Gold demos. I think that is pretty par for the course on these things, though.

Matthew Razak