PSA: Dragon Age ‘Return to Ostagar’ DLC live for 360, PC

Hail, Grey Warden(s). As Muzyka suggested in a recent interview, Dragon Age: Origins’s “Return to Ostagar” DLC is now available. Again. For real. It went live on Xbox LIVE Marketplace yesterday afternoon and can be downloaded for the PC via the official Dragon Age Web site. The PS3 version, however, is still MIA and being listed as “coming soon.” We’ll go ahead and guess that it’ll actually come soon as opposed to “get released and then pulled.” We’ll update this post when the PS3 version of “Ostagar” goes live … or if anything funny happens. Again.

Source 1: Dragon Age: Origins — Return to Ostagar [Dragon Age Official Web site]

Source 2: DAO: Return to Ostagar now available for PC [VG247, via Blue’s News]

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