PSA: Don’t button mash in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raids

You might end up throwing a Master Ball

With how shaky Tera Raids have been in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, I don’t blame anyone for accidentally tossing a Master Ball at a raid reward Pokemon. This quick video from Reddit user thisismypornaltlolol showcases exactly how easy that can happen.

As a recap, players have the opportunity to capture Tera Raid Pokemon after defeating them in battle (or in the case of Mighty Mark special raids, one time total). When they’re reeling from their beating, you can select a Pokeball to toss at them. This mostly just has an aesthetic effect, as it’ll be the Pokeball they’re shown in during menu sifting and the like. There’s no restrictions on what ball you can toss: including rarer choices like the Master Ball (like other games, only one is doled out per save file).

Witness the horror below:

This is why I want to stress the importance of not button mashing
by u/thisismypornaltlolol in PokemonScarletViolet

I’ve almost had this happen once and it was an awful feeling. While you can just reload your game, if you happened to not notice and hit an auto-save point, you might be out of luck. Of all the games to lose a Master Ball in, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is one of the lesser entries to freak out about, though. There are very few Pokemon in the game that are actually tough to catch, and there’s ample opportunities to farm cash to buy Ultra Balls and beyond. Still, be aware of your mashing fits near the end of a Tera Raid!

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