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PSA: Bungie warns people to spend their Destiny 2 gunsmith materials soon

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[Update: Bungie has provided more information for the Destiny 2 gunsmith shift on their weekly blog. Here’s the rundown:

“Banshee-44 is getting a new reputation system that matches the other vendors in the Tower, such as Zavala and Shaxx. This means we are removing some of the items that were previously associated with Gunsmith Reputation, namely Gunsmith Materials and Weapon Telemetries. Players will now earn Reputation Rank progress with Banshee-44 when dismantling Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor or by completing daily Gunsmith bounties.”

TLDR: spend your gunsmith materials and weapon telemetries before February 22, 2022. After that they’ll be deleted forever.]

The Destiny 2 gunsmith is undergoing some changes soon, and Bungie has warned players to spend their gunsmith materials as a result.

The warning comes directly from community manager dmg04, who posted the news on Twitter. So Destiny 2 will be changing blue drops, and telling us when the raid launch date will be on Thursday, likely with the weekly blog post. That’s good! But there’s another big tidbit there in that tweet: “spend your gunsmith mats [materials].” That’s….potentially something.

At this point, many members of the community have sort of hoarded their gunsmith parts (which are used to roll for weapons): some of whom have over 100,000 at their disposal. It’s become so unwieldy that it’s kind of been a joke in the community, so Bungie is likely addressing the extreme surplus of parts. If you do have a ton of them, you may as well start turning them in now. As a reminder, you do that at Banshee-44 (the gunsmith NPC) in The Tower.

So these changes likely aren’t happening overnight. The next expansion, Witch Queen, is set for a February 22 release date, which is when gunsmith parts will, in all likelihood, be phased out.

Destiny 2 gunsmith changes coming soon:

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