PSA: Bloodborne hits PlayStation Plus today and fans are celebrating with an event

Grab it even if you’re scared of it

It goes without saying that every Souls game has my full recommendation. Even if you can’t get past the first area and just take in the atmosphere, that’s enough for me. Today, a whole lot of PS4 owners are going to be able to enter the Souls world for the first time with Bloodborne, which is arriving today on PlayStation Plus as a freebie for PS+ subscribers.

To celebrate the Bloodborne community is kicking off a special fan event and are bringing back “Return to Yharnam.” It smartly begins on March 10, after a large amount of folks are home from work and have had the time to download the game.

It’ll run through March 24, and the idea is to create a new character, use co-op features as often as possible, and attempt to use PVP to “defeat at least two players in each era” before moving onto the next one. An official Discord is available for old and new players alike (here), and the campaign is getting traction on social channels.

What I love about this resurgence events is that I’m typically just playing a lot of old games by myself anyway, so seeing people just fill in brings a smile to my face. After some discussions about Bloodborne at MAGFest recently I got the itch to play through it again and this is the perfect excuse.

Return to Yharnam [Reddit]

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