PSA: 2K Marin is a developer that makes games

A recent job listing on 2K Marin’s Web site indicates that the BioShock 2 developer is building a game not named BioShock 2 — an “exciting” unannounced game that will have some sort of multiplayer component. Also, fish swim; rabbits eat lettuce.

“2K Marin is looking for a dedicated, passionate and personable Multiplayer Systems Designer to join us on an exciting unannounced project,” the listing reads.

“You’ll need to think on your feet during heated brainstorming sessions, drill down for detailed documentation and possess the technical acumen to dive in and hook it all up yourself when necessary. You’ll also need a strong understanding of multiplayer gameplay,” it continues, “online communities and gameplay balance to keep a holistic view of how it all fits together when the rubber meets the road.”

It looks like 2K Marin is searching for an exceptional person, but there’s flaws in the listing: it doesn’t make it clear that the responder must like animals or enjoy watching sunsets. We’ll pretend to follow up with 2K Marin about this.

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