PS5 surpasses 20 million units sold, Sony to ramp up production

The PS5 hits an important milestone

Even with how difficult it is to get a PS5 these days, Sony is still doing well for itself, because the PS5 just surpassed 20 million units sold. Veronica Rogers, SVP, Head of Global Sales and Business Operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, broke the news to, and expressed how “thrilled” the company was to have reached this milestone for its newest console. Part of me has to wonder how many of those are currently stacked up in scalpers’ houses, but it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless.

Sony has struggled to keep up with demand for the PS5 since its launch in November of 2020 due to the ongoing chip shortage, but even so, it managed to reach 20 million units sold after one year, six months, and twenty-two days, only about three months later than the PS4 did. According to a tweet from games analyst Daniel Ahmad, the PS5 actually hit 10 million units faster than its predecessor, and “the issues with supply is why it’s behind now.”

Rogers continued on in her statement to to speak directly to players who are still waiting for their chance to purchase a console: “To those fans who have yet to get their hands on a console, please know that we are planning on a significant ramp-up in PS5 production this year and we are working endlessly to make sure that PlayStation 5 is available for everyone who wants one.”

It doesn’t seem like the chip shortage is letting up any time soon, but it’s nice to hear that Sony has a plan to make the PS5 more accessible to those who might want one. That’s a nice sentiment, but I think this is just one of those situations that I’m going to have to see to believe. Here’s hoping some more consoles are coming soon, because I certainly don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting new titles PlayStation has on the way.

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