PS4’s latest firmware update is live for beta testers

The big 5.00 isn’t all that big

Sony is now testing the latest PlayStation 4 system software update. If you managed to get into the beta, you’ll be able to download firmware 5.00 and try out some new features as of today.

For the rest of us, Sony also shared the full details on the update, although they’re going to look awfully familiar if you’ve kept up with this stuff as of late. (The patch notes leaked just last week.)

There’s nothing too terribly surprising here: organizing multiple PlayStation Network accounts and managing parental controls should be easier, the Quick Menu now shows your downloads and installs (and a clock!), Custom Lists will enable you to quickly create and edit lists of your friends, and PlayStation 4 Pro owners can do 1080p 60fps live streams through Twitch. Some good ease-of-use features — especially the revised Quick Menu — but nothing I was dying to see implemented.

Actually, I take that back! I’m stoked about disabling pop-ups during movies and TV shows.

PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed [PlayStation Blog]

Jordan Devore
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