PS4’s End of Year sale is back for 2020

There’s light at the end of this tunnel

If you didn’t stock up on PS4 games during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, here’s another chance. The PlayStation Store is hosting one of its final sales of 2020: the End of Year sale. We’ve almost made it.

For those of us who have switched over to PS5, it’s not always obvious that a promo is running in the storefront unless you specifically go looking for it. But honestly, playing PS4 titles is one of my favorite parts of PS5 now that I’ve made the rounds with the console’s launch lineup. I’m still interested.

Your mileage is really going to vary with this sale given its proximity to the Black Friday selection – and the recurring nature of which games keep popping up in these sales – but I have some suggestions.

  • Death Stranding ($19.99) – a wonderful “holiday break” game to throw yourself into.
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne ($20.09) – it’s the perfect time to upgrade the base game now that Capcom is about to open up the rotating Event Quests.
  • MediEvil ($14.99) – worth another look for many of us.
  • The Surge 2 ($12.49) – the discount might be steep enough to push me off the fence.
  • Prototype ($5.99) – cathartic open-world carnage and traversal that mostly holds up.
  • Doom 64 ($1.49) – it’s oddly relaxing to go back to this game after Eternal.

The End of Year sale will stick around until December 22. I’d expect a Holiday sale around then.

Jordan Devore
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