PS4’s 3.50 update is coming, provides ‘appear offline’ and remote play

Codenamed ‘Musashi’

Do not be alarmed! Brave Fencer Musashi was an amazing game (with an okay lesser known sequel), but it doesn’t have anything to do with this PS4 update, as it’s merely codenamed “Musashi,” for the actual historical figure no doubt. I couldn’t resist — people need to know the greatness that is Brave Fencer.

But yeah, a PS4 update! Tomorrow we’ll get version 3.50, which will finally allow an “appear offline” status, more notifications, scheduled events, and remote play. For the latter, the resolution options only go up to 720p (and default at 540p), but 60fps will be possible. The remote play launcher will be available here sometime tomorrow.

It took them nearly a decade, but the PSN finally has “appear offline!” Now we just need the ability to change our PSN ID, but that likely won’t happen anytime soon.

PlayStation 3.50 [PS Blog]

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