PS4 will top 100 million sales says this one particular analyst

Time will tell

It’s well-known news that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had a commanding lead in the console sales race ever since its late 2013 release. Most recently, PS4 was sitting at 36 million units moved. It’ll undoubtedly sell plenty more, but one research firm says it’ll also reach a significant milestone.

Market analyst DFC predicts that the PS4 will eventually cross 100 million lifetime sales, as reported by GamesIndustry International. Over the course of the next five years, DFC forecasts that Sony’s console will “command a dominant position.” That momentum will culminate in the PS4 outselling the PS3 and hitting the 100 million mark.

This prediction has some extra oomph because only five other consoles have reached 100 million: Game Boy, Nintendo DS, the original PlayStation, PS2, and the Wii. Also, the market’s more saturated now with gaming alternatives coming from companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google — especially in the mobile space.

What DFC isn’t as sure about is Nintendo’s NX and virtual reality. The analyst comments that “[Nintendo] may not be ready to launch a new game system at this time.” It also says that “VR is not expected to have a big impact on the console market” and that the firm’s taking a “conservative attitude” about it.

PS4 to sell 100 million – DFC [GamesIndustry International]

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