PS4 trophies suggest possible Aleste Collection localization

Prepare to get those blisters all over again

Today sees the launch of Aleste Collection for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The retro compendium brings together a selection of titles from the old-school shmup series. While no English localization has been announced by publisher M2, newly revealed trophies suggest that the release could be heading westward in future.

As spotted by the trophy-lovers over at Exophase, the launch of Aleste Collection also sees an English version of the title’s trophy list appear on the PlayStation database, hinting that shmup fans in the west might also get the opportunity to enjoy all of the Sega Mark II and Sega Game Gear goodness in future.

Aleste Collection is now available in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The compilation includes Aleste (1988) GG Aleste (1991) GG Aleste II (1993) Power Strike II (1993) and the newly developed GG Aleste III – which has neatly been designed to classic Game Gear specifications.

Aleste Collection English PS4 trophies surface [Gematsu / Exophase]

Chris Moyse
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