PS4 Slim Bundle deal brings an effective price of $200

If a PS4 is still in your plans

Last week Sony announced a $50 discount bonanza for all participating retailers on the PlayStation 4 Slim console bundles. This week that means she’s back to her old $250 holiday price point, but one retailer is going the extra mile to incentivize you to buy through it: Dell.

The mostly computing retailer does sell plenty of gaming equipment, and much to our surprise you can head over to Dell and see the discount to $249.99 with a note that you’ll receive a bonus $50 gift card. The card will arrive 10-20 days after your order ships and will be redeemable on almost everything sold at Dell (save for a Dell gift cards). Given Dell stocks all major upcoming PS4 titles, you can use this gift card towards an extra game to kick start your library.

If you were looking into buying a PS4 this post-holiday season, this is the best offer of the new year. While this works for the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle, Dell is not extending the bonus gift card to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy bundle, presumably because the CoD bundle is only about a month and a half old, while the Uncharted 4 bundle has been around since September of last year.

Dell is not telling us exactly when this offer ends. If you dig a little deeper than surface level at checkout, you’ll notice Dell says it’s a limited-time offer. This could mean it runs now through the Sony $50 price break offer of February 25 or the more likely scenario is that this runs until Dell’s sold enough of its Uncharted 4 bundle stock so it can rescind the deal.

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