PS4 sales finally beat out the PS1 and the Wii

But it still has a long way to go to touch the PS2

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Does it feel like the PlayStation 4 is the second-most successful console of all time? Well it is!

According to a new financial report released by Sony that goes through the fiscal quarter that ends on September 30, 2019, they’ve eclipsed the Wii and the original PlayStation. That number, folks, is 102.8 million, surpassing the Wii’s 101.63 million and the PlayStation’s (PSOne) 102.49 million. Yes, the top three selling consoles of all time are all Sony-produced (PS1, PS2, PS4 – which goes to show how haggard the PS3 was for a while). That’s an insane feat, especially when you think about how synonymous Nintendo is with gaming as a whole.

But really, in terms of pure home consoles, the Wii was as close to record-setting as Nintendo was going to get. The GameCube and Nintendo 64 are both out of the top 15 all-time system-selling list (including portables), and even the NES and SNES are sitting at 61.9m and 49.1m respectively, out of the top 10. Nintendo can rest easy knowing that they cornered the portable market, with the DS and Game Boy/GBC taking up the number two and three best-selling slots respectively. If anyone was around when the DS became a phenomenon (same with the Wii), you can easily relate to why this isn’t a surprise.

As the sun sets on the PS4 and we move into the era of the PS5 fairly soon (within a year), the PS4 will continue to sell for years to come. Will it ever hit 155 million? Probably not. But with promises of cross-play at the start of the next generation, I’m hopeful for what the future might bring.

Supplemental Information for the Consolidated Financial Results [Sony] Thanks Jeff!

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