PS4 sales at 18.5M worldwide, PS+ subscribers near 11M

Come sale away

PlayStation Plus was such a clever way to migrate people towards the idea of paying for online mulitplayer. It’s still a good service, but also sly as hell. I let my membership lapse last year, but I’m (probably) in the minority, as Sony has recently announced it has 10.9 million PlayStation Plus ($50 per year) subscribers, up 3 million since October 2014.

Similarly, the PS4’s sales numbers are good despite a narrative that positioned Microsoft as making a holiday comeback (the Xbox One dominated Black Friday ad pages). Microsoft hasn’t issued an update since the 10 million consoles shipped to retail milestone in mid-November 2014, but Sony says it has now sold to consumers over 18.5 million PlayStation 4s worldwide. 

The 18.5 million is up from 13.5 million (September 30, 2014). That means 5 million in the last three months. Microsoft (and Nintendo) may have done well over the holidays–the Xbox One is said to have outsold the PS4 in November in the US–but Sony has clearly continued to do well, uh, as well. If the Wii U was able to turn Smash Bros. into consoles sold, might be a healthy holiday season all around. 

Sony PlayStation 4 sales top 18.5 million units worldwide [Reuters]

Steven Hansen