PS4 Fallout 4 fans are inches closer to mods with this newest update

It’s chugging along

Last time Bethesda checked in regarding Fallout 4‘s mod situation on PS4, it didn’t look ideal. Sony’s systems apparently have several issues that prevent mods from reaching their potential, but the two companies seem to still be working on it.

That’s partially evidenced by the 1.5.4 update, which is hitting consoles this week (it’s already on PC), and will be required to enter the upcoming PS4 mod closed beta. It only adjusts a few things, mostly related to mods, and fixes several issues with the new Contraptions DLC.

The great thing about mods is that going forward, they can preserve the quality of Fallout 4 and potentially turn it into a better game. Because the Season Pass hasn’t really succeeded in doing that so far.

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