PS3s readily available online? So sayeth this dude to Next-Gen

Some dude from some site I’ve never heard of told Next-Gen (an actual honest-to-goodness gaming biz site) that they are seeing PlayStation 3 bundles popping up and camping out on the Internet, ready for you to buy. And he spoke:

Drake says PS3 is more readily available than Xbox 360 was this time last year. “Last year we tracked several one thousand dollar Xbox 360 bundles which would sell out in less than two minutes after becoming available. Just today, a one thousand dollar PS3 bundle was in stock at for over 12 hours. This sort of thing didn’t happen with the Xbox 360 until well after Christmas.”

Mr. Drake, of a site called, says that you should be able to pick up a PS3 bundle right now if you want, so what’s stopping you? Oh, that’s right, lack of games and a high price point. Well, at least the eBay sellers are getting screwed. That makes us happy, right?

eBay prices for PS3 have come down dramatically in the last few weeks. Drake said,  “I think people are tired of being gouged on eBay.”

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