PS3 version of Eternal Sonata adds dress-up mode, two new playable characters

Eternal Sonata: First it was an Xbox 360-only title, then it was a PS3 one, too. And later, it wasn’t again… and now we have new details on exclusive bonus features coming to the PS3 version.

IGN reports on a few new additions to the musical role-playing game, including two new playable characters. Crescendo and Serenade were key characters in the Xbox 360 version, but they were not actually playable. Now they will be able to take part in battle in the PS3 version. Crescendo makes use of a mace and shield, while Serenade uses a heart-shaped staff.

The addition of a new costume system is also being reported — this will let you freely change the costumes of your character. I guess that PS3 gamers seem like the “dress-up type” to Namco Bandai. Also, new events are being added to flesh out the story line.

PS3 gamers will have to wait until 2008 to get their souped-up version of Eternal Sonata, but at least they’re getting something for the wait.

[thanks, JV] 

Dale North